Consumer Benefits:
1. Correct weight of Goods supplied.
2. Standard & Quality products only are sold.
3. Reasonable prices are less than M.R.P. and competitive in the market.
4. Regular Supply during the shortages due to scarcity, draught, social unrest.
5. Festival Gifts & discounts to the consumers against purchases made by them
6. Discount Sales periodically on various items.
7. Monthly Saving Scheme for purchase of House hold articles.
Members Benefits:
1. Purchase rebate @ 5% share amount & 10% Festival Coupon Voucher for each year.
Health and Social Services:
[Promotion / Education]
a. To train staff in products knowledge
b. To publish literature in framing various schemes and discounts available to customers.
c. To organise "Ashi Bhesal- Ashi Chalakhi" (a continuous campaign to make awareness against duplication and malpractices and adulteration) exhibition consumers education.
d. To put regular display boards to inform various schemes of various companies.
e. To arrange the demonstration of new products.
f. Continuous training programmes for staff, officers & directors.
g. Consumers survey is carried out for the improvement of our services and other needs.
h. Arrange Grahak and Customers gathering for creating awareness about the latest market trends.
Under the modern economic scenario and the present worldwide atmosphere of privatization and Liberalization and Globalization, Apna Bazar Co-operative has a strong belief that, for the equal and justifying distribution of wealth and growth, the existence of co-operative field is of paramount importance. Therefore all efforts must be made, to strengthen, the co-operative society and movement. We, at Apna Bazar, aim to become a "FLAG SHIP" for the consumer co-operative in our Indian continent.
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